Geek Meet – 1

Although this certainly is not a cat- or social blog I must write about the great initiative Robert Nyman has done by organising and invite us to a Geek meet in Stockholm. It was fun, lots of geeks spent hours debating if a date is supposed to come before the heading which an article starts with or if a specific list should be rendered using the DD, table, ul or a combination. Small problems they might look like, but that’s the reality we have to face when trying to tag information using the very limited markup language named HTML. It was very fun and I will certainly be back to this [tag]GeekMeet[/tag] if get another invitation! :-)

the Phil Sherry works for Adocca, the company that was nice enough the get us not only a place to sit at, but also pizza and beer. Very kind of them. Phil created a GeekMeet pool at flickr and I have added some pics to it.