Yesterday it was a GTUG meeting on Stockholm. GTUG is the acronym for Google Technology User Group and is not affiliated with Google in any more way that that the users are interested in the technology that Google provides.

Yesterday was my first meeting and the only reason I ever knew that there was such a thing as GTUG was that Peter Svensson (@psvensson) was at an earlier GeekMeet and sponsored with some beer. An excellent attitude that ofcourse made me curious, and some googling and linkedining later we were in contact.

This was the third GTUG in stockholm and I believe we where around 40 persons or so, the second meeting was attended by 90 heads and I don’t even want to think of how many of those that had no clue what was going on at the screen because it was rather crowded already at 40 visitors. Not to mention the bad seatings!

The bad seating was compensated by really interesting speakers. We got an in-the-middle-of-dev perspective of a cool app that will make the android device a complete MIDI-controler and some technical implications for that, for example, it’s not possible to set-up an adhoc wifi between computer and phone or that the bluetooth lacked a decent API.

After that presentation we was shown a rather fancy idea regarding augmented reality. This is a topic that is starting to get ahead of the sci-fi scene and I’m soo thrilled to be in the middle of it. Poor our parents that only got the transistor, the TV and the internet. :)

So far there was a total absence of real code so my back started to itching like hell because of the bad chairs, but we got saved by a demonstration of Dojo gfx (or whatever the package is called). Very fancy stuff could be done with pure javascript and if I got it right the Dojo toolkit will use the best way to render the graphic depending on the browser. It even renders as vectors when applicable.

I remember I did a comparison between Ext and Dojo three or four years ago. Ext won because the documentation was better (ie. it existed). According to information I recieved yesterday the Dojo documentation is running up fast these days.

It’s very much mentionable that the GTUG will set of a Android Hackathon in the very near future. It’s on a saturday and I think everyone with an interest in developing on the Android plattform will get a huge jumpstart by visiting.