Ohh, there’s a new domino designer in town.

I used to try out the latest designer first of all, but then they compiled R702 on my birthday (26h sep) and I thought that was a sign for me to settle down.

Anyway, as being a true professional I think it could be in my interest to keep up with the latest stuff so I installed Domino designer 8.5.1 today (skiping everything from the good ol’ 702 relase and forward) and got me a fancy-pancy Eclipse environment. Very appreciated!

Then I found out that I need to change file to save in the right hierarchy which is very annoying. Or save twice which is not necessary, if you save on scriptlibrary level all classes in the library will be saved.

Later on again I found that the source-files are not ‘bundled’ with the agent, so the stacktrace gives no help at all.

Google came to rescue and this post over at codestore got me moving on.

Best thing is really “There is a checkbox “Compile Java code with debugging information” on the properties pane of java agents and script libraries.”. Guess how long time it took me to find that proppane!!! I mean, domino is well known for having code and propertises stuttered all over the project; that really didn’t got better with eclipse.

But everything is forgiven because Eclipse is a hell of a nice editor.

Enjoy the new regim, the eclipse regim!