I wrote a lightroom plugin for uploading images to Tumblr

I’ve been wanting an Adobe Lightroom plugin that exports directly to Tumblr just as the flickr-plugin does but couldn’t find any. So I wrote up one myself. It’s very basic but should do what’s needed. Feel free to comment, request features or hail me if you want.


UPDATE1 : There’s an advanced plugin located here. See comments below for more details. I love the open-source way to do things!

UPDATE2: Another version: http://beret.tumblr.com/post/9251247804/i-expect-this-to-be-useed-by-hipsters-and-tiff

UPDATE3: Check out Nathans cool addons in the comment below or go direct and download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2274134/tumblr-2.lrplugin.zip

UPDATE4: Tumblr has changed their API so the plugin is broken. If anyone makes this work, please let us all know.

UPDATE5: My open source project failed (and that’s okay). I haven’t checked this product out, but according to the source they needed to do a whole re-write and they need some money back, so please, take a look on this: http://www.alexfreund.com/lightroom-plugin it will most probably make your world rock! ;-)

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  • Paul

    Also getting this error message An internal error has occurred: postMultipart: chunk must contain either value or filePath

  • Meredith

    I was unable to export my photos to tumblr when I checked “Use LR Keywords as Tags.” Please see the error message attached. My images successfully uploaded to tumbIr without tags when I checked “Manually Fill Tags Only.” I hope I just overlooked something simple! I really appreciate that you made this plugin available to everyone. Thank you! 

  • Stephane Jemelin

    Hey guys, Is it possible to post more than one pic in a post? Thank’s


    GREAT help, this solved the problem for me too…I had put the plugin in the LR3=>Contents=>Plugins folder.  Did a get info on the “Plugins” folder and changed the permission for “Everyone” to “Read&Write.”  I didn’t even have to close down LR, just closed and reopened the “export” dialogue and the “Unable to Export: Enter password” dialogue was gone and the export button no longer greyed out.  Thx th…

  • RR

    I am having this same problem. Is anyone else?

  • erraaa

    THANKS! Works perfekt!

    my tumblr


  • http://twitter.com/knightfoxinc Egbert

    I can’t get the plugin to work. Its in the plug-in manager enabled but not showing up in the publisher manager. Am I doing something wrong? Im using LR v3.6 and Lion. Thanks

  • http://twitter.com/knightfoxinc Egbert

    Getting the same error. Is there a solution yet?

  • http://twitter.com/knightfoxinc Egbert

    OK saw the manual in the threat but getting the same “Chunk” error  as Paul

  • Thydroxylaze

    I got this to work 1 time with Lightroom 4 Windows 7 x64 and now cant get it to work at all…ever! Why not? I dont understand why this plugin has so many issues…sometimes it works and then I cant ever get it to work again? Any suggestions? Is there a place it needs to be specifically in file structure or? Im so confused!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abe-Yoffe/639340749 Abe Yoffe

    None of these work for me.  version 3.6 on windows 7. I get all the way through the export process, and LR tells me it exported, and then nothing shows up on my Tumble page http://abeyoffe.tumblr.com/

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abe-Yoffe/639340749 Abe Yoffe

    so I got it work by using my email address as the username. would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation if someone had made that clear from the beginning

  • Littlehansi

    Hi – I’m unable to get this to work on LR3 or LR4 on a mac.  It appears to upload but doesn’t appear in my queue or on my blog.  I think it has something to do with Tumblr’s needing to specify a blog (I only have one blog, but I still need to select it when I’m in the Tumblr dashboard).

  • Kris Van de Vijver

    It works. Cool. Nice and easy. Love it.
    One thing:  can it be used to put multiple photos in a Tumblr Photoset ?

  • Sacha

    Hello everybody,
    My name is Sacha.
    I can’t make this plugin work for me. I have Snow leopard 10.6.8 and LR 3.0. I’ve tried all the plugin and no one work. I can login to my tumblr account with my mail adress, I can export and I have no message error but nothing show up on my tumblr…Can anyone help me pleaaaaase ?Sorry for my english.

  • Sacha

    Same problem as you. Did you make it work ?

  • Pingback: Sometimes life gets even easier for us, and it is wonderful. 3 to choose from, I am currently using option 3 and it works like a charm. Thanks to the developers for creating and keeping it open-source! | Randy Mako()

  • backeis

    Is there a way with the current/latest plugin to post a photoset instead of multiple single posts when exporting more than 1 photo?

  • Brondmo

    Doesn’t seem to be working with Lightroom 4. Any chance you’ll be updating it?

  • Al.

    me and some friends of mine didn’t succes to instal plugin tumblr. We finished to think than we’re a dumb (and french). We use LR 4, just if someone could do a didactitiel or explain each part of the instal and first use, that will be great…Bien à vous, Al.

  • http://twitter.com/creativeoutleth creativeoutlethobbie

    Do any of these work with Lightroom 4.1?  I can install them successfully, but when I go to create a publish service the tumblr plug-in is not found.

  • Mariano

    Joachim, the plugin works!

  • bryanrapoza

    I would pay money for an updated build, compatible with LR4

  • Chu_lua

    1. Download the plugin
    2. On finder look for Lightroom
    3. Right click and click Show Package Content
    4. Click Contents
    5. Click Plugins
    6. Drag the Tumblr Plugin you downloaded to Plugins
    7. On Lightroom click on any photo and click export.
    8. Once the Export dialog pops up, click on Plug In Manager then click done
    9. Make sure the Tumblr is enable.
    10. Now go back to the Export dialog and on top theres a drop down menu and look for Tumblr Export and enter all your information and stuff.

    I have LR 4 so it does work! Same for LR3. Hope that helps some people:D
    Ask trainsandrebels.tumblr.com for more question.

  • robkalmbach

    I am running Lightroom 4.1 and the Plugin was working fine for a while, then just stopped working.  Any ideas on a fix, or how to get it going again. It is my life blood for shooting and sharing my work!  Help…    

  • Mariano

     Also happened to me!

  • Mariano

    Suddenly, the plugin does not work! I used for months, but now I export, Lr says OK but no photo is uploaded? Any suggestion?

  • http://twitter.com/mxlem LEMESH

    Same problem. Cannot export to any of my 3 blogs. I guess it something wrong with API the plugin uses, as export from Instagram works perfectly. 

  • mcdj

    Seems like this plugin is broken by Lightroom 4.2RC.  

  • robkalmbach

    seriously a bummer that this does not work anymore, it was such a great way to get work out there and keep me shooting.  Guess it’s back to the manual uploads  : (

  • Erik Flyg

    I cant get it to work with lightroom 4.. Looks like it works but nothing shows up at tumblr..

  • Guest

    The plugin was broken earlier this week by Tumblr updating things on their end.  I had things working fine up until then with LR4 (Mac).  I hate “progress”.

  • Guest

    This is from Tumblr’s tech support.  Anyone know any Lua scripting to update the plugin to work with Tumblr’s API V2?

    —-Hey!this might be because those apps haven’t started using version two of our API yet. We recently stopped maintaining version one.You could contact them and let them know, if you so desire.Thanks!

  • Magnus

    Same here, sadly it stopped working last week for me.

  • seba

     Same here. Maybe it is the problem of tumblr 2.0 API. Someone is traying to fix it http://www.freelancer.com/projects/PHP-XML/Update-Lightroom-Tumblr-export-plugin.html

  • robkalmbach

    Seba – any word on a freelancer fixing this, or making a new one… ?  Looks like you have a few people on it?

  • Guest

    I posted that freelancer.com project.  Here’s the update – Tumblr’s new API requires that images are binary encoded, which is taking an immense amount of time in Lua (ie: 10 minutes for a 1mb image).  We are working on a workaround for this.  Fingers crossed.  Apparently the new API has many inconsistencies with its own documentation, so the situation is challenging.

  • Guest

    We are still working on it.  Tumblr’s new API seems to be very unfriendly to developers, or at the very least, very poorly documented.  There may be a workaround for it which may not be the most elegant solution but it hopefully will work.

  • robkalmbach

    Great – well looks like Tumblr is making some dramatic changes this weekend at 4am on Saturday, so that may make this harder, or easier.  I guess we can wait and see, but hopefully there will be a quick fix.  My posts for my photo blog have dramatically slowed as a result. 

  • Nathan T

     I have been working on this for almost 2 weeks and I still can’t get the API to work. I have a python script that I can get to authenticate using the Xauth protocol but I still can’t get it to authenticate in lightroom. I can get the correct values using examples that twitter has in their API but the plugin still fails. Since the signature needed for authentication is unique for each post request there is no way for me to debug the problem (shooting at a target in the dark so to speak) and the only response I can get from tumblr is that the oauth_signature does not match expected. Until we can get better documentation from tumblr on their own API I am not sure that I will be able to get a solution.

  • AF

    We have a working plugin.  We have had to start from scratch due to Tumblr’s API update.  The new plugin requires an FTP server as a stepping stone to get the images uploaded to Tumblr and has been tested on LR3.5 and LR4 on PC and Mac.
    The new plugin is available here:www.alexfreund.com/lightroom-pluginWe are currently charging a small fee for the plugin to offset our development costs but are considering open sourcing it in the future.  We also plan to develop other plugins so if you are interested in collaborating on future projects, please feel free to get in touch.

  • http://www.alexfreund.com/lightroom-plugin Alex

    Hi everybody…We have developed a working plugin.  We have had to start from scratch due to Tumblr’s API update.  The new plugin requires an FTP server as a stepping stone to get the images uploaded to Tumblr and has been tested on LR3.5 and LR4 on PC and Mac.
    The new plugin is available here:www.alexfreund.com/lightr… are currently charging a small fee for the plugin to offset our development costs but are considering open sourcing it in the future.  We also plan to develop other plugins so if you are interested in collaborating on future projects, please feel free to get in touch.

  • http://twitter.com/Souenellen Souenellen

    hello, i cant see you plug in address, plz relink. thk

  • Rolland_04

    this piece is no positive contribution
    in case someone can help becuase my jFplugion for tumblr-lightroon can never install itself 


    i have tried all navigators
    chrome, IE8 and IE9, mozilla 

    to no avail 
    does someone have the solution ?
    best regards from France
    rolland Fradet 

  • robkalmbach

    SOLVED !!!  Thanks Alex.  If you want to get up and running again all the thanks is due to Alex and team who fixed the deal!  If you go this route follow the instructions EXACTLY and you will be up and running again direct from LR to TUMBLR like me!  http://www.alexfreund.com/lightroom-plugin

  • Alex