Snart byter jag inriktning på bloggen!

Jag har postat kanske fyra inlägg på lika många år i slutet men lägger upp massor med matbilder på Facebook istället. Nu byter jag inriktning på min blogg och kommer fokusera på matlagning i den här bloggen.

Den gamla bloggen kommer finnas kvar med när bytet sker blir adressen

Gingerbread season 2009: Theme Sci-Fi

The tradition continues, this year focus was on Sci-Fi:

Gingerbread house – 2008


Gingerbreas house 2008

Gingerbread house 2008

See all pictures here!

New bread

Take som rye flour and pour boling water over it. Stir. Let the porridge cool down to room temperature or so. Add more water and wheat flour. Run the machine for like 10 minutes. Add salt and then do the machine thing for another five minutes. 


Birthday cake anno 2008

Vince 6 years - the cake

There’s a new bar coming up

I’m saving over €5.2 a day!

I have quit snusa. 80 hours since I cramed(1) a prilla(2) and put it under my lip.
Any substitutes you may ask? Well, I’m not going complete cold turkey:
1. Djungelvrål (candy)
2. Extra (gum)
3. Salt & Sånt (candy)
4. Fisherman’s friend (candy)
5. Paper (plain paper)
6. popcorn
7. Chocolat
9. Coffe
10. Ginger – Yeah, I’m riving(3) ginger on the riviron(4) and it substitutes the wet snus. Bloody brilliant.

1. hugged
2. swedish snus ball
3. scratching
4. grater

Just bread

Two ordinary breads ordered by my girlfriends colleagues.

I also peeled some green cardamom for a project that will take place tomorrow.


A bread from Swedens largest island

Manituba Cream bread