Gingerbread season 2009: Theme Sci-Fi

The tradition continues, this year focus was on Sci-Fi:

I’m not in the office right now.

Another analyzer tool

A few days ago I wrote This blog is written by a human that is 91% male which is a tool that analyze your writings and finds the gender of the author. Via Cris I found an even more deeply analyzing tool that uses Myers-Briggs method to describe humans. When I took the real test 10 years ago I ended up as an ENTP personality, and Typealazer finds me being an ESTP. I bet not many bloggers are introvert though….

Webb09 – I just signed up.

In the last part of January Antrop and NetRelations arrange the webb09 event. I just signed up!

Apple builds in DRM hardware – Is this the end for Apple?

Apple is building in some copy-protection hardware making it impossible to play DRM content wherever you want even if you buy it. It’s the same thing as with Itunes shop: If I buy a song there it will cost me a dollar or so and the only thing I get is the possibility to NOT play it wherever I want. If I copy it from a file-share server instead I will pay nothing and be able to play the song wherever I want.

How can that help out the record industry?

Now Apple is adding some hardware in their machines so that we can’t play bought content wherever we want. This is a whole lot of crap and upsets me a lot.

This blog is written by a human that is 91% male

According to the (probably hopefully) very scientific analyze performed by GenderAnalyser this blog is 91% male.

We have strong indicators that is written by a man (91%).


World Usability Day

Tomorrow (13 November) is the World Usability Day.


Usability: the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use.

Dr John comes to sweden this week

I just got a hint from a friend about an artist named Dr John. Modern and trendy as I am I spoted him at directly. He’s a blues/R&B/creole/you-name-it artist with an enormous production. This album is really nice for example.

And yes, this post was mainly to see if anyone of my readers (hi mom!) uses (no mom, I know you don’t).

Ohh, no – they killed Norton

Arrived to the office today, just to find out that the cleaning service trashed my Norton. Lousy day:

There’s a new bar coming up