Ken Lee – the famous song.

My blog wants more fun and less boring stuff. Here’s another funny video:  

Why has Mac stolen all good ideas from Windows vista?

Hey, wasn’t that a great subject? This video is rather funny, take a minute from your life to see it:

I bring someone in to the store and get 10% of!

Imagine this scenario: I buy a camera. My buddy likes it a lot and the next week we both goes in to the camera store. He buys a camera and I buy a new lense. The store manager gives me 20% off the price for bringing in a new customer.

Anything strange with that?

Imagine now that I like, for example, flickr alot. I tell all my friends about it and they sign up. Do I get anything for it? No, not a penny.  But there is a new service, well not that new, but it’s cool. If I like something I can write about it and get a few bucks for mention the service or product or whatever it is.

The sitename is  payperpost and everyone can sign up and see if there are any opportunities (they call it that) for them. To get the good money you need a good page rank, mine is down to 2 now when I switched from to Anyway, give it a try, you can only earn money on it.

Can do, just works – why Macintosh keeps impressing me

Mixing simple with simple

Apple and mac software keeps fooling me. I commonly make the mistake that a simple (as in easy) user interface means a simple (as in non-feature-rich) software. First time I realised this was with the TextMate application which I dis-liked from the beginning but these days I have seen the light and even found an equivalent in E-TextEditor on the windows platform.

Different ways to get the same result

I have been using Microsoft Visio since long before it was bought by Microsoft. To be honest, I have never really loved the software because of the bad feeling it gives when working with it, but the end-result is great in all means. On the Mac there is no Visio, but there is OmniGraffle. The end-result is the same, but the work flow is just light years from those software. For you that can try them both: do a simple test: Set up a new drawing, add one (1) box on it then add some text to the box and here comes the test: Change the color of the box and the color of the text. Count how many clicks and menus you are forced to go through to do this in both Visio and Omnigraffle. This test is a good example on how software interfaces can be good or be bad and still end up in the same result.

Can do, just works

Friigle says that Safari is good and I respond automatically by saying the Firefox is better and walks away with my nose up just to sit in the nights trying to find out why he thinks Safari is better. At a first glance safari looks a bit too cheap/simple and I haven’t found any killer-things so far, but there are a few things that makes ordinary browsing more convenient using Safari, for example the Snapback feature that remembers a search result page and let you easy go back to it. No more runsten-click to open search results in new tab just ending up in a lot of tabs and in my case often totally lost of focus. Those small things that just makes things easier is phrased as “Can do – just works” in the Applesphere I learnt the other day and it’s thos small small things that makes my every-day work so much easier and fun.


Another small small thing: Remove any headphones from your macbook. Turn off the volume. Now insert the headphones again. You will see that the mac remembers two different volume settings, one for headphones and one without. I just find that sooooo brilliant – no sound will ever come out of my macbook that can disturb anyone else. “Can do, just works” All this was just a cover-up writing so I could tip you about this good article about some Safari gems people might miss: Three Powerful Safari Features

Happy holidays! Some fun

It’s two year old but this list with unintentional hostnames are very funny.

An example: a site I’ve visited many many times but I never thought of how fun their URL is.

Claiming standards, an act of hubris

Joel Spolsky does it again:

“A mortal web designer who attaches a DOCTYPE tag to their web page saying, “this is standard HTML,” is committing an act of hubris.” 

Read his blog here. 

“doesn’t soil pants in fear when presented with a command prompt”

Joel Spolsky over at Joel on Software is a great writer, not only knowledgeble but also obtain some skills on how to get knowledge down on paper(?). I read his blog occasionaly and with great fun and interest. He’s hiring again, and in his post I found this very great sentence on how someone in our industry should be:

“(attention to detail, insane curiosity, constant need to be learning new things, strong ability to stay levelheaded and organized even in the most chaotic of situations, doesn’t soil pants in fear when presented with a command prompt, thinks “rtfm” is a great answer, etc.)”

Blogging about blogging – not my cup of tea, but we have a new design

There was a time when everyone started blogging, the blogging back then was mostly about – blogging. I have never really been a fan of posting posts about what I do with my blog, what plugins etc I use. But I thought I should do an exception today so that everyone understands that I am aware of the design change on my blog – not that I believe anyone actually visits the site itself, but anyway.

So, now you know that I know that I have changed template on my blog. A lot of things aint working, tags for example. But then on the other hand, tags hasn’t worked for a long long time anyway. :-)

Leopard aint that bad after all.

PC, yes, PC as in PC, PC Magazine tested operating systems. Guess which one they picked as the best?

Despite minor problems, it’s by far the best operating system ever written for the vast majority of consumers, with dozens of new features that have real practical value—like truly automated backups, document and spreadsheet preview images in folders, and notes and to-do lists integrated into the mail program.

Link to the review

A real cool name picker

Jack Jake over at has done it again. This time a really cool name picker. According to his post this looks like something in facebook, if you are familiar with that thing. (I’m the last man standing outside facebook).

Link to his demo: